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I practice criminal law at the trial level in state and
federal courts in the counties of Alameda, Contra
Costa, Marin, San Francisco and San Mateo. For a list
of courts within these counties, click here. I also
appeal criminal convictions in the Court of Appeal for
the Ninth Circuit and in California Courts of Appeal.

If you have found this site, you need to know that
criminal charges can damage you, your family, and your
friends. You need a lawyer.

The right lawyer for you must take personal
responsibility for your case. Your lawyer must consider
your goals, your resources, and the potential impact of
a criminal conviction on your future. Your lawyer must
keep you informed and tell you the truth.

The criminal justice system needs active, engaged
defense lawyers to function properly. I urge you to
obtain good counsel as quickly as you can. Please
browse this site and call me at 510-588-5758 if you
think I can help.
I provide dedicated and effective representation
for a fair price. I look forward to meeting you,
evaluating the facts, and achieving the best
possible result for you.

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